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A letter to my son

Today my youngest has turned 1. Just like our eldest, I have written him a letter for him to open on his 18th birthday. I have written this letter by hand, I liked the idea of him having something written in my own handwriting. To my littlest man, Today is your 18th birthday! That seems… Continue reading A letter to my son

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Kaiden’s 11 month review

NOO! I can’t believe he is turning one in a matter of days! I'm not ready! So let's get ready for our last monthly update for a while. Feeding So Kaiden has now moved onto about 3 bottles a day, he is also eating 3 meals a day with snacks in between. He is doing… Continue reading Kaiden’s 11 month review


15 small business you should support!

*I am not being paid to promote these businesses in anyway* Happy small business day! Yes national small business day is a thing! As I make my way through instagram and I start to network with other I have noticed the large amount of small businesses that are trying to build their clientele. At the… Continue reading 15 small business you should support!


How to stop fast fashion for good!

What is Fast fashion? Fast fashion is a term used by retailers such as Adidas, BooHoo and H&M, to describe clothes or trends that are quickly in and out of style.The idea behind fast fashion, is for retailers to sell as many clothes as possible, as quickly as possible.The need for clothes to be produced… Continue reading How to stop fast fashion for good!

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5 outstanding zero waste YouTubers you must watch!

*I have NOT be paid by any the following YouTubers to mention their channels!* YouTube as a platform has blown up over the past few years! Making millions in revenue and 10000’s of people have been able to make a living, producing content! Over the past few years I have heard, so many people saying… Continue reading 5 outstanding zero waste YouTubers you must watch!


Why marine life is so important!

The ocean covers 70% of the earth and is home to the largest mammals in the world. Marine life are a critical part of our eco system. Over fishing and destruction of habitats is evident and sadly this isn't something we can undo. What is the Marine Eco-system? We all know that there is a… Continue reading Why marine life is so important!